Thomas M. Malafarina is the author of some of the most frightening
and nightmare inducing horror stories you may ever read.

If you dare, we welcome you to join us inside the mysterious, terrifying and
often gruesome mind of
Thomas M. Malafarina.
                      Thomas' Latest Release

   Released May 9, 2014
What Others Are Saying:

"Thomas Malafarina writes with a visual artist’s eye for detail and
design and revels in the same exuberant flourishes for violence and
tableaus of flesh as Clive Barker, all the while working the clichés
and conventions of the horror genre bravely and unabashedly.
Though he has created his own King-like milieu in and around his
native Schuylkill County (PA), Malafarina shares Lovecraft’s cosmic
vision and torment of inner and outer space and he designs
philosophically laden set pieces that thoroughly dissect the minutia
of man as if he were just another sentient being in a violent and
insatiable cosmos (and a clumsy one at that), a doomed soul
wracked with mental anguish and ripe for the picking from the evils
of the universe, just another chapter in an ancient taxonomy. Tom’s
novels continue to grow in scope and ambition – he is a veritable
talent to watch (and read)!" -- George Andrade – Horror News

"Thomas M. Malafarina is the kind of writer I aspire to be. Like a
visionary painter, creates mood in the landscape of dread, strong
emotions with characters you care for, and suspense that causes a
reader's nails to dig deep into their own legs.  Stories cut from a
cloth of originality that is Thomas M. Malafarina." -- Mark Slade –
Nightmare Illustrated Magazine

"Malafarina's vision into a world where zombies are nearly
eradicated is fresh and savagely satisfying, making this a must
read." -- Keith Rommel – Author of "The Cursed Man"


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